What They’re Saying

Pastor Moe’s book is really about transformation—from the inside out. If we are honest most of us have been or should be asked that difficult and revealing question, “Will I ever be happy?” This book is a potent reminder that we have to give ourselves, our families, our jobs, and our church BACK to God. He and He alone has to be the fuel for whatever He has placed us here to do. Our ideas, plans, or processes don’t belong to us.

Moe’s journey is a powerful example of one man’s willingness to be “dealt with” and molded by a loving and sovereign God. The impact has reached many, including but not limited to the remarkable disciples at the Light of Christ Church. The impact for me is more personal; in the sharing of his transformative journey, Moe has challenged me to be bolder in my surrender and willingness to give the church and “my” ministry back to God—the one who gave it to me in the first place.

Thank you, Linda, for asking that tough question, and thank you, Moe, for being brave enough to answer—and for the subsequent willingness to share the journey in finding true happiness through your relationship with our loving Heavenly Father and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

- Pastor Eric Meissner
Trinity Lutheran Church, Avoca, IA


I can see that Pastor Moe had faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in wanting to serve others. God’s timing is not always our timing, but Pastor Moe never gave up, even though it took sixteen years to get a church building. My late parents, Rev. James and Vera Dingman, prayed for seventeen years to have a children’s home and their faith never wavered. God has blessed Sunshine Acres Children’s Home more than I ever dreamed. Today, we have eight beautiful homes and we care for over eighty children and we are still growing. Since the home was started in 1954, we have cared for almost 2,000 children without state and federal money and we do not get paid for our children. It is truly a “Miracle in the Desert.” Pastor Moe was encouraged by my parents’ faith in God to meet all of Sunshine Acres Children’s Home needs. As you read Pastor Moe’s book, you will be inspired to see how God has worked through every obstacle while he kept the faith to fulfill his dream.

- Carol L. Whitworth
President and CEO, Sunshine Acres Children’s Home, Mesa, AZ


I could write a book about the number of ways this book resonates with me. For the past five-and-a-half years, I’ve had the privilege of working full time to see Jesus’ John 17 prayer answered in my city of Tucson. Moe’s journey took him across the wide expanse of the beautiful body of Christ, from Lutheran to Assembly of God, and humility is the only road that can accommodate that journey. As Bill Hybels likes to say, “Armed with enough humility, we can learn from anybody.” And as Moe so beautifully describes, when we truly follow the one who “came not be served, but to serve,” not only does the world around us benefit, but so do we. Thanks, Moe, for so powerfully telling your compelling story!

David Drum
Church Domain Director, 4Tucson, Tucson, AZ
Author, Jesus’ Surprising Strategy: A mandate and a means for city transformation


I never imagined that answering God’s call would lead to a career filled with passion and purpose. I had no idea that God could use me, a full-time mom, to make such an impact in His kingdom. Talk about equipping the called rather than calling the equipped! But that is exactly what happened and my life has been so abundantly blessed in the process. I hope you take that away from reading Pastor Moe’s inspiring story. We have spent many hours over the years talking about the miracles we see every day as we do our best to live our lives following in Jesus’ footsteps. Trust me when I say that every one of you can make a difference when you follow where the Spirit leads. May this book encourage you to take that first step.

 - Janine Skinner
Development Advisor, Feed My Starving Children, Mesa, AZ


When I was in college, my marketing instructor would constantly challenge my class with one question: “Can you give me a practical example?” What he was driving at was, “If your theory doesn’t produce anything in the real world, what good is it?” That question has stuck with me throughout the years—and this book provides not just one, but multiple practical examples of the Spirit of God at work in the lives of those who have been called to carry out the ministry. This is not a theory; this is the truth. At the end of the day, we need less talk and more walk. Thank you, Pastor Moe, for this practical example.

Todd Matchett
Lead Pastor, Living Hope Church, Merriville, IN


I am excited that the readers of this book are going to discover a new way that is not new at all—to live as joy-filled disciples of Christ who are led by the Holy Spirit. You will hear a clear challenge to let Jesus be Lord of His church. Moe will inspire you as he teaches you how he learned to let go of control of the church he served and let Jesus revitalize their ministry. This book is filled with stories of people who were set on fire for Christ when they learned how to listen to His voice. Thank you, Pastor Moe Redding, for letting us share your journey of learning to let Holy Spirit lead you.

Pastor Steve Bergeson
Shepherd of the Hills Church, Fountain Hills, AZ. 


 “We are not called to be great pastors, whatever that means. We are called to become great servants as we are discipled by the greatest Servant of all through the pure power of the Holy Spirit.” This quote from Pastor Moe’s book is a powerful summary of all that the Lord has done with Moe, to him, through him, and sometimes in spite of him. This is a tremendous insight to the power of the Holy Spirit and a humble recognition that the congregations we serve belong to Jesus. Our best and highest calling is simply to desire each day to be faithful servants of His. As a commentary on American Christianity, this book is revolutionary and inspiring—and as a call to pastors, it is freedom from the demands of a worldly view of God’s Church. I recommend this to everyone who seeks the freedom and power of the Spirit of the living God.


- Mark Vander Tuig
Service Coordinator, Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ


Pastor Redding has written a beautiful account of how he and the congregation he serves discovered what it means to die to one’s own pride and plans in order to daily listen to the Lord to learn His plan. We catch the sense of adventure they have experienced as the Lord uses them to fulfill His purpose in working miracles and transforming lives. Whether a pastor or church member, the reader can’t help but hunger for the same kind of walk with the Lord. Pastor Redding shows us so clearly that following Jesus’ guidance day-by-day and hour-by-hour makes all the difference in the world between ministry as usual and ministry modeled after the book of Acts.


- Pastor Carol Peters
Retired Associate Pastor, La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church, Scottsdale, AZ


Jesus told us that greatness is learning to serve others. In this book, Moe tells about how Jesus changed his idea of what a pastor should be doing and challenged him to simplify the message. He tells story after story about how Jesus changed the hearts of others by teaching them the joy of serving. Jesus will change your life too if you will focus on loving him and serving others.

 - Pastor Paul Witkop
Light in the Desert Church, Cave Creek, AZ


Too many people start out as a missionary for Jesus and end up being nothing more than a mercenary! It happens to pastors and laypeople alike. A missionary listens to the Spirit and does what God wants. A mercenary does what is expected or beneficial and protective of themselves. This journey with Pastor Moe shares his journey and how he went from missionary to mercenary AND his journey back! It is something we all need to read and then apply to our own journey with Jesus.

Pastor Andrew Garman
Founding Pastor, La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church, Scottsdale, AZ