“Moe, are you going to give me back my church?”


When God posed this strong but simple “yes” or “no” question to Pastor Moe Redding, he was ready to quit the ministry. His plans to establish a megachurch in the affluent Phoenix suburb of Chandler were not being realized, and his frustration—and ego—were eating away at his hope, his family, and his future. Something had to change.

But his immediate response of, “Lord, it is yours,” set him on a new, unexpected, and transformative path as a pastor and as a Christian, and led to his church, Light of Christ, becoming a Spirit-led, servant ministry whose members give their lives away, first to the Lord and then to others. In Pure Power! Spirit-led Ministry for Spirit-starved People, Moe will poignantly and positively share what the Lord did for him, and the amazing way God used the church board of Light of Christ to revolutionize his ministry as a pastor. You’ll also read how the Holy Spirit brought faithful followers of Jesus and Spirit-led ministries into his life at just the right time, inspiring him to trust Jesus even more and take the next step as a follower of the Good Shepherd. All glory to God!

Whether you are a pastor, ministry leader, or simply someone ready to take the next step with Jesus, Pure Power! Spirit-led Ministry for Spirit-starved People will show you how to repent, rededicate, restructure, refocus, and rejoice as you listen to Jesus, follow His leading to serve others, and become the true disciple He created you to be! Joy will be your reward.